All in One Sheet Pan Backstrap

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So we’re going to be moving this summer.

To which you reply, “I thought you just did?”

To which I reply, “Which time?”

Being married to a coach has given me a newfound respect for military families that get uprooted and moved repeatedly. The difference though, and the reason I don’t complain, is that every move we’ve made has led us to something better and better.

In this case, our move is going to lead to Coach’s first opportunity to serve as a head football coach. I use the word serve here in a very literal sense. My Coach, like so many other coaches in the world, is a very selfless coach with more than a desire to win football games. He has a desire to raise young men {and women on his track teams} to be driven, hard-working, and perseverant, not only on the field or track, but in all aspects of life. It’s his drive to serve them well that makes the eleven moves of our almost fourteen year marriage completely worth every newspaper wrapped dish and every heavy moving box.

Of course, I’m ever hopeful that this will be the last move, at least until we’re ready to put a down-payment on a place of our own. I love the area we’ll be moving to, and Coach has already spent a few days serving there.

I was raised in the same house for my full eighteen years before college, so moving was initially a challenge, but by now we’re old pros.

The toughest part about the move is figuring out how to make healthy meals in the process. We certainly don’t want to waste more money than we have to on eating out, and our clothes don’t want that for us either.

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It takes a little extra planning to eat right during a move, but it can be done. It just needs to be kept simple.

And this All in One Sheet Pan Backstrap is an excellent way to keep it simple, whether you’re moving or just have a busy schedule at the moment.

All you need is one pan and some foil.

Plus these ingredients:

Venison Backstrap  |  Rosemary  |  Potatoes  |  Sea salt  |  Butter
Garlic Salt  |  Pepper  |  Olive oil  |  Green beans

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The green beans should be fresh, which also makes this a great meal to use any garden harvests you may have coming in!


Step 1 ~ 2 minutes

Preheat oven to 475°.

Line a rimmed cookie sheet with heavy duty tin foil. It’ll make your cleanup a breeze!

Using two sheets of regular foil or heavy duty foil, create two sections within the pan, forming a wall between the two sections.

This will keep our potatoes and green beans separated, allowing them to have unique flavors. I’m not really sure how to explain the process here, but I believe in you to figure it out.


Step 2 ~ 5 minutes

Cube 4 potatoes into bite size chunks and snap or slice one pound of green beans into 2 inch pieces.

Place the green beans in a gallon zipper bag

and drizzle them with olive oil.

Seal the bag tightly and give it a good shake to coat the beans. Pour the beans into one of the foil sections, and repeat the coating step with the potatoes.

Dump the potatoes into the other side of the pan.


Step 3 ~ 2 minutes

Chop up around 2 Tbsp fresh rosemary.

Sprinkle the green beans with garlic salt and coarse black pepper.

Season the cubed potatoes with the chopped rosemary, sea salt, and coarse black pepper.

I have to say that fourteen years ago when we registered for this pepper mill before our wedding I thought, “That’s going to be a waste.”

And then I had to eat crow because I used this pepper mill almost nightly. I love fresh cracked pepper! If only I remembered who gave it to us so I could thank them…


Step 4 ~ 5 minutes

Place the backstrap on a plate and drizzle it lightly with olive oil,

rubbing it over the meat by hand.

Place a roasting rack on the pan over the veggies and rest the backstrap on it.

If you don’t have a little roasting rack you can scoot the green beans to one side and put it with them.

Generously season the meat with sea salt and more cracked pepper, seasoning on both sides.

Top the backstrap with a little more rosemary and 1 Tbsp butter, sliced thin, and insert a meat thermometer.


Step 5 ~ 20 minutes

*** UPDATE:  One of my readers tested this recipe for himself. He said that, for his oven, 20 minutes would have been way too long. Please, I beg you, remember that there is a huge variety in ovens and their efficiency, and BE SURE to use a meat thermometer when you cook this meal. PLEASE don’t overcook the meat! The internal temperature is much more important than the cook time. He also said, and I quote,

All in All this was Amazing. Our Tummies were Happy. Thanks “Coachs Wife”

I love the play on words, and the wonderful compliment! Now back to the recipe. ***

Bake the pan for about 20 minutes until the meat thermometer reads 130°.

Keep any eye on the meat thermometer while cooking and remove it immediately when it reaches 130°. The amount of time may be less depending on the size of your backstrap and the efficiency of your oven, so watch it carefully and don’t overcook it!


Step 6 ~ 10 minutes

Once the meat reaches 130° remove it, rack and all, to a warm plate and cover it loosely with foil.

Allow the meat to rest while the vegetables continue to cook.

As the meat rests it should get up to 140° to 145°.

The veggies should cook for a total of 30 minutes, so keep an eye on them and take them out of the oven when the potatoes are lightly golden brown and tender,

and the green beans are wrinkled and lightly toasted.


Step 7 ~ 5 minutes

Once the meat reaches at least 140° transfer it to a cutting board,

and slice it into one inch medallions.

Perfectly pink and tender!

Serve a heaping helping of green beans, potatoes, and backstrap medallions.

Deliciously simple! {And psst, cleanup is practically done!}

So simple to make, but it almost looks too fancy for a busy weeknight meal!

How do you handle busy night meals? Do you have any moving hacks to share? Do you want to come box up our stuff?! Help a girl out!

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