Blue Pico Burgers

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Have you seen my stash of venison burger recipes? I love a traditional burger, but sometimes I like a little change up too.

Over Christmas we spent an evening at a friend’s house and they served us Blue Pico Elk Burgers. I’m not traditionally a fan of blue cheese, but these were unbelievable! I would have never thought to incorporate it on my own, so y’all can thank Eric and Michelle for this combo.

Of course if you’re going to make a burger this fancy you need a fancy bun to go with it. Get a package of fancy buns or make these extra fancy and mighty simple Jalapeno Cheese Buns from the Homesick Texan.

They’re worth every second they take to make, and come together a lot easier than you might think.

You’ll also need some fresh Pico de Gallo and Guacamole to make it complete. I’ve got you covered with those recipes too.

For the burgers you’ll need:

Ground venison  |  Pico de gallo  |  Blue Cheese  |  Seasoning

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This Chipotle Hamburger Seasoning from Fiesta Spices is truly amazing, which is why you see me use it all. the. time.


Step 1 ~ 5 minutes

In a shallow dish, combine 1½ pounds ground venison {I used axis}, 5 ounces blue cheese, ½ c pico de gallo, and 2 Tbsp Fiesta Chipotle Hamburger seasoning.

Mix it all up by hand.


Step 2 ~ 5 minutes

The blue cheese and pico add a lot of volume to the meat. Normally I’d tell you that 1½ pounds equals 6 burgers. With everything mixed in, you can actually stretch this into eight burgers. Divide the meat into eight equal chunks

and shape them by hand into eight patties.

Place the patties in the fridge.


Step 3 ~ 30 minutes

Head outside and light a fire!

Make it a good hot one, too. Once the wood is burned down a bit and you have some good flaming coals add the grates back and you’ll be ready to grill.

Ladies, you can do this too. When Coach is “in-season”, which is July through May, I do most of our grilling. With a little help from this Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter, grilling is a breeze.

Here’s my how-to for starting a fire.


Step 4 ~ 10 – 12 minutes

Once you have a hot fire going, clean the grates and throw on the burgers.

Depending on how hot your flame is, flip the burgers after about 5 or 6 minutes, once they have good grill marks on them.

Cook them for another 5 to 7 minutes. Check the tops of the burgers for the color of the juices. If there’s red juice pooling on top they need to go a little longer, but if the juice is starting to look clear they’re done.

However, DON’T EVER MASH THE TOPS OF THE BURGERS! I see people do that all the time, but pressing the burgers will leave them dry and sad. No one wants a dry, sad burger. Yes, it’s fun to watch the burger sizzle and see all that juice squeeze out of the burger, but then it’s gone forever. Resist the urge to press.


Step 5 ~ 5 minutes

Once the burgers are cooked and safely removed from the fire to a warm place, butter the buns and toast them over the open flame. Buttered toasted buns say “I love you.” Trust me.


Step 6 ~ 2 minutes

Assemble the Blue Pico Burgers:  bottom toasted bun with mayo, baby spinach or lettuce, burger, onion, and fresh guacamole on the top toasted bun.

Nothing else needed! But, since burgers are a personal thing, what would you add?

Also, check out the fun throw-back to this “vintage” {because it’s about 10 years old and I think that qualifies as vintage in coozie-years} Jerrod Medulla coozie! Love pearl snaps, even if they’re on a coozie.

How do you spice up burger night? Tell us in the comments below!

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