Dorito Dutch Oven Enchiladas

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Our Summer Checklist:

  1. Go camping
  2. Get treated for walking pneumonia {finally!}
  3. Cubs game
  4. Tour Lambeau Field
  5. Traverse City, MI {Anniversary and work-related}
  6. Pack and move
  7. 4th of July fireworks
  8. Coach starts new job
  9. Meet Whitney from Whit’s Wilderness and Lindsey from Wild Rose Apparel {awesome outdoorswomen!}
  10. Girlfriend trip to the lake!
  11. Trip to Ozona {fresh prickly pear!}
  12. Help Coach get ready for school
  13. Solar Eclipse
  14. Hunker down from Harvey {false alarm here}
  15. First day of school!


In case you were wondering why I haven’t shared a new recipe in a couple months, there you have it! And I’m positive that I’ve forgotten some items off the list.

It was a wonderful summer, full of new adventures and new beginnings. Now that the first day of school has come and gone I think I’m finally ready to share some of the recipes I’ve been stockpiling over the summer.

And what better way to kick off the end of summer than by sharing one of my first recipes of the summer:  Dorito Dutch Oven Enchiladas!

Back in June we went camping at our favorite state park for a solid week. A solid week of tent-camping {with a window unit, of course}, river soaking, and grilling almost every meal. We met some new friends and ate well!

Before we set out for our camping adventure we did a lot of planning. I love cooking, and I love camp cooking, but when I’m camping I want the meal prep to be as minimal as possible, while still enjoying a tasty home-cooked meal.

The easiest way to accomplish that is to do a lot of the prep work before we ever leave the house. This can include chopping veggies, browning meat, mixing sauces, etc.

This year Coach wanted to try his hand at a little Dutch Oven cooking. A one pot meal while camping? Yes please!

He did a little research and found this recipe for Dutch Oven Enchilada Casserole by 50 Campfires. This recipe had Coach written all over it. We had to make a few adjustments, though, because the recipe was written using canned chili and designed to be baked in the oven.

We also had a little bit of a miscommunication. Maybe. You can help us decide.

The recipe called for Doritos. In my mind, Doritos come in Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch. Since these were for an enchilada casserole I naturally opted for Nacho Cheese.

When we set up to cook at our campsite Coach looked a little confused. Our conversation went something like this:

Coach:  Oh. I thought you were using Doritos.
Me:  Um, I am. That’s what these are.
Coach:  I meant like regular Doritos.
Me:  Well, it was this or Cool Ranch and that sounded gross, so…
Coach:  No, like regular Doritos.
Me:  You mean tortilla chips?
Coach:  I guess. Regular Doritos.

So apparently there is such a thing as regular, unflavored Doritos that are actually tortilla chips. But I’d never heard of or seen such a thing, so Nacho Cheese is what I picked. Fortunately it was a delicious mistake. And when we make this again it’ll be with the Nacho Cheese Doritos. But if you’d rather use plain tortilla chips that’d be scrumptious, too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Venison Taco Meat  |  Doritos  |  Tomato sauce  |  Onion  |  Enchilada sauce  |  Cheese

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I used two time savers here:  I pre-cooked the taco meat at home and then froze it. I also pre-cooked my enchilada sauce at home. You can use a can of enchilada sauce from the store, but I just love my enchilada sauce recipe so much that I mixed up a batch before we left home.

This recipe would be perfect for any outdoor adventure:

  • camping
  • hunting
  • fishing trip, etc.


One other thing to remember when cooking outside is that you may a few visitors stop by to see what you’re doing. Just brush them aside and try not to cook them into your meal.


Step 1 ~ 25 minutes

Light around 20 – 25 coals in a chimney starter {no lighter fluid needed}.


Step 2 ~ 10 minutes

While the coals get good and hot, pour all but 2 c of Doritos into a large bowl or container. I didn’t measure, but reserve about 2 c of the bag of chips for the topping later.

Crush the chips up by hand.

Add the pre-cooked taco meat {1 pound}, 8 ounce can tomato sauce, ½ c diced onion, and 2 c enchilada sauce to the bowl of chips.

Add 1½ c shredded cheese.

Stir the filling ingredients together and place them inside a 10-inch Dutch Oven.


Step 3 ~ 2 minutes

Once a handful of coals are hot, construct a mini-stove out of some large rocks and place the coals in the center of the rocks. The rocks should be stable enough that the Dutch Oven can sit on top of them without toppling.


Step 4 ~ 1 minute

Our Dutch Oven is a hand-me-down that doesn’t have the right type of lip around the lid to keep the coals from falling in when opened. We discovered this misfortunate circumstance when we made Dutch Oven Peach Cobbler and had ashes fall in when we went to eat it. Hey, we were rookies, what can I say?

We adapted, but before we go camping again I’m sure we’ll invest in a better Dutch Oven like one of these.

As a side note, Kendra with Every Day Cast Iron has some great tips and advice about purchasing used cast iron, including the need to test them for lead since many pieces of antique cast iron were once used for melting lead. This is an example of the test strips you can use to test your new-to-you cast iron.

You can follow Kendra on Facebook and Instagram for more great cast iron cooking tips and tricks and recipe inspiration.


Step 5 ~ 30 minutes

The coals should be nice and HOT by now.

Use metal tongs to place 16 hot coals scattered around the lid of the Dutch Oven.

Allow the casserole to cook for about 30 minutes until it’s heated through.


Step 6 ~ 2 minutes

If you have a fancy Dutch Oven Lid Hook, use it. Otherwise, the pry end of a hammer works too.

Remove the lid from the Dutch Oven, careful not to allow the ashes or coals to fall off the lid. We’re not done cooking yet!

Top the casserole with the remaining chips, crushed or uncrushed,

and sprinkle the dish with 1 c shredded cheese.


Step 7 ~ 10 minutes

Place the lid back on the Dutch Oven

and continue to cook the casserole for another 10 minutes until the cheese is melted through.

Serve the Dorito Dutch Oven Enchiladas immediately with a cold beverage and your veggie of choice.

We like to cook our canned veggies straight in the can over an open campfire, meaning this really was a one pot meal!

It’s true that our own family enjoyed every bite of this dish, but I also have to tell you that the neighbor kids were visiting our campsite when supper was ready. We invited them to sit and eat a little with us, too, and they cleaned their plates! After they’d already eaten supper at their own campsite! I’d say it passed the kid-friendly test!

Now help me settle the Dorito debate. What kind of chips would you buy if the only name was “Dorito?” Leave us a comment to help Coach and I settle this three-month-old debate.

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