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send-me-my-free-meal-planning-guideWhat does meal planning look like in your life? Do you grocery shop once a week? Once a month? Do you wait until the cupboards are bare and then go to the store because you HAVE to? Do you get so overwhelmed by grocery shopping that you pick up a pizza on the way home because grocery shopping wore you out completely and now you don’t feel like cooking?

I used to go grocery shopping on Monday after work. After all, who wants to waste a weekend with grocery shopping? Instead I put it off, scrambled to make a grocery list, bought random things at the grocery store, and then wondered what I was going to cook each night. At least once a week Coach would ask what was for supper and I’d say, “I don’t know. Let’s just go grab something.”

Then one day we decided we were going to get out of debt. We got on a budget, a functional budget that we were bound and determined to stick to. For the first time in our marriage we set limits on what we would spend on groceries AND on eating out. You can read more about my grocery budget here, but the secret to becoming successful with our grocery budget was making a meal plan with a matching grocery list, and STICKING TO IT!

As I mentioned in this post, it wasn’t an immediate success. Meal planning took time and practice. I had to learn to prioritize my shopping list. I had to learn to only take one-fourth {for four-week months} or one-fifth {for five-week months} of my monthly grocery budget with me to the store. I had to learn to record my grocery prices and put non-essentials back on the shelf because I only had a set amount of cash with me, and I was NOT going to go over my budget.

Today if you come to my house and go through my cabinets you won’t find an over-abundance of food. But you will find enough food for us to eat for a week. You’ll find lots of fresh fruit, veggies to go with supper, a small variety of snacks, a few staple cans of veggies and chicken broth and a package of pasta, but for the most part if it’s not on the menu for the week it’s not in the cabinet.


How has this affected my life?

why-meal-planOur levels of food waste have dropped SIGNIFICANTLY! I don’t throw out nearly as much rotten fruit or veggies as I used to because we actually EAT what I BUY!

I save so much time and so much money! I used to spend $120/week on groceries. Today I spend $75 – $80/week. {Remember, though, we don’t buy meat.}

We eat healthier foods overall because I don’t want to use all my grocery money on junk.

Planning our meals has allowed me to take the time in advance to think of new and different meal options.


Does that sound good to you?

Would you like to:

  • Save Money?
  • Save Time?
  • Stress Less?
  • Eat Better?
  • And Make It Fun?!

With my FREE Sample Meal Planning Guide you can do ALL of that! I’ve learned from my meal planning mistakes and I’ve created a great resource to keep you from having to go through the same trial-and-error phase that I went through.

Here’s a little more information.


What will I get?

By signing up for the FREE Sample Meal Planning Guide you’ll receive a 10 page printable PDF with the following:

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How does it work?

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“It is a tremendously practical and useful tool and you can see a lot of thought has gone into it.” ~Anonymous

“This is probably one of my favorite meal planners I have ever seen. I love all the features of the clickable recipe links, suggested sides, & love the “my schedule” feature!” ~Anonymous

I can’t wait to hear what you think! Get your copy today, and then let us know how you like it!

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