Fresh Guacamole

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Many years ago (I can’t believe I’m old enough to say “many years ago…”) I used to buy the pre-made, vacuum sealed guacamole in a pouch. I had just recently discovered that I liked guacamole, and I had no idea that I could make it myself, and it could taste even better than the pouch version. Living in the Texas Hill Country changed that when a friend of mine whipped up a batch of fresh guacamole in about ten minutes. Yep, it’s that easy and quick.

As long as you have some avocado and cilantro, in a pinch that’s really all you need. But add a few extra ingredients and it becomes that much more awesome.

You will need:

1 Guacamole Ingredients

Avocado  |  Cilantro  |  Tomato  |  Onion  |  Garlic salt

If you want to save time and you already have some Pico de Gallo on hand, you can sub a few tablespoons Pico for the veggies in my list. Or even try a little salsa instead.


Step 1 ~ 5 minutes

Start by finely dicing your veggies. These are the increments you will need PER AVOCADO:  about 2 Tbsp cilantro, 2 slices of onion, and half a small tomato.

6 Dice ingredients

I used white onion this time, but purple or red onion gives guacamole a nice little kick. Give it a shot sometime.


Step 2 ~ 2 minutes

Depending on how much guac you are making, you will need 1 – 3 (or more) RIPE avocados. Here is an excellent explanation of what to look for when buying avocados. One avocado is usually enough for our family for a single meal since Coach and I are the only ones that eat it.

Slice the avocado in half lengthwise.

2 Slice avocado in half

Carefully hit the sharp edge of the knife into the seed of the avocado, making sure the blade is buried into the seed.

3 Bury knife in seed

Twist the knife, and out pops the seed.

4 Twist knife to remove seed

Use your knife to cut crisscrossed slits in the avocado.

5 Cut slits in avocado

Scoop the avocado into a medium bowl. If your avocado is not quite ripe enough, you will need to mash it up a little with a fork before continuing to step 3. However, if the avocado squishes easily with your finger or a spoon, don’t worry about it.


Step 3 ~ 3 minutes

Add the cilantro, tomato, and onion to the bowl of avocado, and sprinkle with a little garlic salt, about ½ tsp. You can always add more if you need it later. Squeeze in the juice from half of a lime (I used the other half of my lime to marinate my Grilled Fish Tacos).

7 Combine ingredients

Stir the ingredients together until the avocado is semi-creamy, with chunks of avocado, and all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

8 Stir

By the way, a lot of people will tell you that authentic guacamole does not have garlic salt. To that I will say, who cares? A little salty, a little tangy, that’s how we like our guacamole.

Making your guacamole ahead of time but don’t want it to turn yucky brown? Press a piece of plastic wrap firmly over the guacamole until you are ready to serve. Be sure to remove as much air as possible since air exposure is what causes guacamole to turn.

9 Cover

We typically don’t have leftover guacamole. This is all that was left after our Grilled Fish Tacos, so, yes, I ate it off the spoon.

10 Leftovers

If you do have leftovers, however, I find that the best way to store them is in a Ziplock bag with all the air squeezed out. When you’re ready to eat it the next day cut the bottom corner off the bag and squeeze the guacamole out of the hole.

Do you have any other tips or secrets for making the perfect and most fresh guacamole? Tell us about it!

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