Fried Mouflon Tacos

Yep, you heard me right! FRIED Mouflon TACOS! Fried Tacos! It’s genius! Why should fish be the only thing that gets to be fried and stuffed in a tortilla? It’s not fair! Now things are a little more right with […]

Crockpot Pork and Taters

My sister sent me a recipe a while back that I wanted to modify into a crockpot recipe. First I made it with wild pork steaks. Verdict:  Definitely has potential but the steaks were too dry in the crockpot. Next […]

Blue Pico Burgers

Blue Pico Burgers

Have you seen my stash of venison burger recipes? I love a traditional burger, but sometimes I like a little change up too. Over Christmas we spent an evening at a friend’s house and they served us Blue Pico Elk […]

Homemade Pico de Gallo

I shared a recipe for Ultimate Venison Nachos that featured my recipe for Homemade Pico de Gallo, but today I decided that this Pico de Gallo needed a page of its own. If you’ve never made your own Homemade Pico […]

A Non-Cajun’s Review of Jarred Roux

If you’re a die-hard, genuine, bonafide Cajun, you may not want to read this. There. You’ve been warned. I’ve made my own roux for gumbo, dirty rice, etc. before. I’ve tried different recipes, different ratios of flour and oil, bacon […]

Venison Italian Sausage Pizza Pinwheels

Do you have your Venison Italian Sausage marinating in the fridge? Do you have your Authentic New York Style Pizza Dough resting? If you haven’t read those two recipes yet I’ll wait while you get caught up. If you still […]

Authentic New York Style Pizza Dough

Today’s recipe is not my recipe either. I can take ZERO credit for this recipe for authentic and delicious New York Style Pizza Dough. The entire brilliance behind this recipe comes from The Home Pizzaria. They nailed it! You can […]

Venison Italian Sausage

This is the beginning of a three part series. The final part will result in something completely ahhhmazing:  Venison Italian Sausage Pizza Pinwheels! But some of the ingredients used in the pinwheels are ingredients you may want to use for […]

Venison Cauliflower Fried “Rice”

I’m about to step over a line that I thought I’d NEVER cross over. A while back it seemed like EVERYONE was jumping on the cauliflower crazy train. Not me! No way! Cauliflower is NASTY! And then I tried this […]

Venison with Butter Wine Sauce

Butter and Wine. Two of my favorite things in one title. Yours too? Then keep reading! Do you need a fancy meal idea that’s easy to make? Do you have a special occasion coming up that requires a little something […]

Celebrating Three Years of My Wild Kitchen!

Three years! Three beautiful, wonderful years! I woke up this morning and realized that My Wild Kitchen is now three years old! This post may contain affiliate links. Affiliate link disclosure shared below. Who knew what a difference three years […]

Venison Vegetable Soup

Do you remember beef and vegetable soup from when you were a kid? Straight out of a can? Really the only problem with it was that there wasn’t enough beef to go with the vegetables. Who wants all veggies and […]

Award Winning Venison Chili

I can hear it now… “Grandma’s reliving the glory days again…” “Back in 2016, I think it was October, me and my friend Sherri won the Center Point Homecoming Chili Cook-off. There were two hundred teams there…” “Grandma…” “Oh, okay, […]

Szechuan Venison

When you go to a Chinese restaurant do you look for the little pepper symbol on the menu to find the spicy dishes? I do, but with caution. I don’t want to be in pain, but I want plenty of […]

Crockpot Venison Pozole

Crockpot Venison Pozole

Thirteen-and-a-half years. Thirteen-and-a-half blissful years of marriage. You get to know someone in thirteen-and-a-half years. Do you know one thing I’ve learned about Coach in thirteen-and-a-half years? He doesn’t like hominy. I can count on one hand the number of […]

Enchilada Verde Poblanos

Enchiladas are one of my most favorite Mexican entrees. Cheese, meat, verde, I love them all. There haven’t been many enchiladas I’ve met that I didn’t like. And ever since I learned how to make my own Enchilada Verdes and […]

Why I Eat Venison and Wild Game

Why I Eat Venison and Wild Game

  I really hate to be cliché, but I’m feeling the urge to be healthy! I rarely feel this strong of a need to do better:  eat healthier, exercise more, blah, blah, blah… But there’s something about holiday travels that […]

Slow Roasted Venison Backstraps & Tenders

Y’all know that I’m always honest with you, right? If something doesn’t work I’m going to tell you. Well, part of this recipe didn’t work. The veggie part. As long as it was the veggies that got messed up and […]

Balsamic BBQ Venison Steaks

My momma has a secret bbq sauce recipe. She’s been using it for 40 years. I got a copy of it a few years ago, and I’ve contemplated sharing it here before. Then last week I found out it’s never […]

Christmas Gift Guide: Firearm and Hunter’s Safety Gift Ideas for Kids

Last night we spent the entire evening decorating our Christmas tree. Real tree, all the way! Nothing artificial here! Coach found several ornaments that were picture frames, and, shockingly, they were empty! Yes, I am that mom. Coach’s biggest disappointment […]