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My Wild Kitchen – Venison Steaks, Backstraps, and Tenders

“My Wild Kitchen: Venison Steaks, Backstraps, and Tenders” is full of unique but simple home-cooking recipes to feed your family. The recipes are categorized by cut of venison, and include full-color step-by-step thumbnail photos, with the option to view the recipes without the pictures.

Chicken Fried Backstrap is certainly one of the best ways to cook venison backstrap, or venison steaks for that matter, but do you know how many other amazing methods there are for cooking venison steaks, backstraps, and tenders? The possibilities are endless! This cookbook has 50 ideas for you to try.

While this cookbook contains plenty of healthy options for preparing your wild game, it also includes a traditional recipe for Chicken Fried Backstrap. We fry everything in the South, but not everyone is familiar with this practice. I once had a conversation with a colleague from Canada. I told him about my recipe for Chicken Fried Backstrap. After a long pause he responded, “I didn’t know chickens had backstraps.” For that reason, I’ve also included my recipe for Chicken Fried Backstrap in this cookbook.

Most of these recipes can be made using steaks, backstrap, or tenders, but they’re categorized by the best fit. For our purposes, venison is any meat that comes from the deer family including whitetail deer, elk, moose, mule deer, sika, etc. While they’re not in the deer family, these recipes can also be used with blackbuck or pronghorn antelope.

Inside this cookbook you will find step-by-step full-color thumbnail photos to show you exactly what each step should look like. You will also have the option to toggle back and forth between the photo version and a simple text version, depending on your preferences while you’re cooking. The table of contents is composed of links to each recipe with easy to use “Return to Table of Contents” links at the end of each recipe.

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Line StarAvailable at a variety of retailers for $7.99:

Amazon Available for all eReading Devices  Barnes & Noble

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This ebook can also be downloaded as a PDF document through the “Buy Now” button below.



Ground Venison Cookbook Cover (146x200)

My Wild Kitchen – Top Ten Ground Venison Recipes

Available at a variety of retailers for $1.99:
Smashwords (available for any e-reading device)  |  Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble  |  Indigo  |  Scribd  |  Oyster  |  Apple (via iTunes)  |  Kobo

This ebook can also be downloaded as a PDF document through the “Buy Now” button below.

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