27 Creamy Sausage Zucchini Skillet

Creamy Sausage Zucchini Skillet

Recently I was given four big honkin’ zucchinis. We love zucchini. The problem is that we have been gone a LOT lately, and they were BIG HONKIN’ zucchinis! I knew we’d never eat all of them. So I gave away […]

28 Venison Parmesan Broccoli Pasta

Venison Parmesan Broccoli Pasta

I have three reasons for wanting a few easy, simple meals that don’t take all afternoon to prepare. This is one of those reasons. She’s currently in a three-way tie for the title of “My Favorite Child of All Time.” […]

21 Venison Sausage Jambalaya Take 1

Venison Sausage Jambalaya – Take 1

Ah, Jambalaya. It’s good stuff. The problem with Jambalaya is that it seems to take on a variety of forms and flavors. There are so many different ways to make it, and sometimes different just means different, not necessarily better. […]

17 Venison Fajita Wraps

Venison Fajita Wraps

I had full intentions of sitting at my beautiful desk that Coach finished for me this past weekend to write today’s post. Unfortunately, a few moving boxes threw up on the desk so I’m sitting in my bed instead. I’ve […]

29 Venison with Mushroom Balsamic Cream Sauce

Venison with Mushroom Balsamic Cream Sauce

I love having people over. I would say that I love entertaining, but I’m not sure how entertained my guests are. That’s Coach’s job. My job is to make sure everyone has enough to eat. The other day, Coach and […]